Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Episode 18)

Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Episode 18)

Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 18 ) The growing hostility between the two Turkmen beys must come to an end. The way to do this has always been clear. Take the girl and give the girl. My desire is to get married to Malhun. Osman Brain, Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 18 ) that you kept defending? Osman Bey will pay his tax to the sultan. then you will have an eye on your prey.

Then we found the gazelle and my father went after him.

He started doing as he was told. Then he said now it’s your turn. However, he said, this job requires experience. Then we went through the forests with my father, passed through the streams, came to a great valley. We drove the gazelle there. Then I locked on it, prepared my arrow, pulled my bow and hit it with a kick. Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 18 ) My father was surprised, he said hit him. You showed me, daddy, too. I said you showed it and I shot it. who thinks he is the ruler of the whole world? After his visit to Konya,

He said that Osman was also subject to the Mongols.

So it is. Osman must have persuaded the sultan. The Sultan is also the Mongolian governor. The problem of the sultan is to protect his throne. Geyhatu is like a bankrupt merchant. Both need gold to protect their throne. Neither Osman nor anyone else even cares about it. They have only one problem, gold. Are we going to pay the taxes until our marrow exploits our bones?

How long will this last like this, Nikola?

If there is peace between Today and Osman, our duty is to break that peace. Isn’t it to set the two against each other, Jason? How will you do this? Umur sir. We will once again hope for help from a coward who cannot even come to the trap we set. Is that so? Osman must have prevented it. Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 18 )  But this does not end the hatred of Umur and Today in him. As I care about you with greed, sooner or later it will fall into my palms. How will you get between Today and Osman?

Umur is under the auspices of Osman,

whether he accepts it or not. How much longer do you think a gentleman, who is fond of his honour and ambition, can bear Osman? A question for you, Jason. What happens if Umur attacks Today? Since he is subject to Umur Osman, Osman will be responsible for this attack. Well done. Well. . Who will Today ask to account for this? Osmana’aa. To Osman. of course, it is auspicious. Malian chick is also worthy of you and noble. However, Mr Osman, it is easy for us to say this, it is difficult for you to rule.

Malian chick has always been with you, Mr Osman.

This is both about the flying fire coming from İnegöl and the war. We fought shoulder to shoulder. If you need a crown prince, then it is appropriate for the mother of that crown prince to be a warrior and noble just like his father. And even it is obligatory. This will remain with us for now. Of course, it will definitely remain among us. Mr Osman,Mavera Episode 18 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 18 )

I see that you know the best about this job.

But I see again that you worry about upsetting Bala chick. Mr Osman, delaying is not beneficial for both of you. Say it as soon as possible and take this burden off your shoulders. I will go on a hunt today,


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