Extra Episode 20 with Urdu Subtitles (Bolem 20) This is the way of those who can live their life. What’s harder than heartbreak? My sheikh, they know. You bless my thing. It’s killing you. In the name of Allah, the Most Graciouss and Mercifuls. Comes, dear, dear, beautiful girl, come. O those who had to give up their life. May Allah increase your patience. My sheikh, my heart is on fire. Those who are cleansed of the dirt of the heart of the world are those whose hearts are burning above me.

Without this fire, the eyes will not shed tears.

Don’t bleed from those eyes. Sins cannot be erased, how many sins do I have, my dear. I cry, I cry, but I do not receive treatment. Come on Dad. ah daddy 20th extra chapter with Urdu subtitles (Bolem 20) Do you have a deck sir? Come in, do you have an order, sir? “The trick the traders came from from the east, they couldn’t find you,” the Alps called. I talked to the traders. It is clear what needs to be done to end this feud and build a closer relationship between the two Obamas.

We took refuge in you, we believed in you,..

Sir. Lord, do not break our unity by cooking with our destiny. امائن۔ امائن۔ God bless you sir. Amen on me. امائن۔ The news came from Mr. Gary Omar. Total. We will come with our belongings. Whatever is good for us, sir. امائن۔ امائن۔ God bless you sir. Extra Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles (Bolem 20) With Sarkote you never forget that you heard something. Thank God, your beautiful sentence is our son’s punishment.

Your sentence is our sentence Do you have a deck, sir?

May Allah accept your sentence, our sentence. حسب اللہ۔ I forgot to bring the Sarkote vaccine, Mr. Bamsi. Thanks, you can find my son. So Sarkote, you won’t starve yourself, will you leave Bamsi brain? When I said that you will pray, sir, I forgot with excitement. Mashallah4. section

Did you forget to eat because you were going to pray? No, I ate. I forgot your bamsi brain. I’m going, Mr. Bamsi. Thanks girl, good luck. Thanks and good luck. My God, you have become a non-Muslim, my son.

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