Beer Zamans Cybers Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolam 6) (Bolam 6)

Beer Zamans Cybers Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolam 6)

Beer Times Cyprus Episode 6 with Urdu subtitles (Bolem 6) can guess your tricks. You have fought against each other many times. But he doesn’t know Commander Ducas. The vanguard forces will damage him and his base. Joyful? I will confuse Osman with this small offensive before my army comes from Macedonia. The intelligence I get from my observers and spies reveals everything. Beer Zamans Cabers Episode 6 with Urdu subtitles are constantly changing places and spreading the web. They set traps for ghosts.

And they don’t know how big my army is.

It’s like a blind hawk trying to fly. It’s time to leave him and move on with your life. It may be small, but it needs to be effective. good good nikola Complete the preparations. Agnes, come with me. Together we will see the line of defense. How long will you stand this wise pig? When thick enough. Lord Leo is still not enough. If exposed. Then Nicola kills him without blinking an eye. Lord Aslan Glad to see you. I thought something happened to you.

Even worse if you can’t stop Nicola and Ducas.

I was surrounded by Nicola’s spies. This is how I got into difficult situations, Usman B. – any news? – Unfortunately yes. Lord Agnes told me that Nicola and Ducas were planning an attack on Dominic. He tried to persuade me too. I heard from him. As we guessed. He said they would attack after sunrise. The information we got is Beer Zamans Cybers Episode 6 with Urdu subtitles and we proved it with your words. Shall we tell the other boy Bez, Usman B? It’s time. Everyone must be ready for battle. – My God! گوکتگ۔

Yes, brother, something is going on, brother. let me know.

I bought it from Konya. But I couldn’t give up for the zoo. I want to give it to him before the fight. But you’re not that brave, are you? Brother, as you know, I can face the army alone. But when it comes to love. .I do not know what to do. brother. Ex-soldiers shouldn’t give up halfway. Go and tell him How can I tell him bro? Should I go and tell him? What do you want from me?

If you’re not crazy, I’ll ask you something.

let me know. How did you express your feelings for Sister Gonka? let me know. show me the way now First. Tell me, does this woman love you? I don’t know bro But when I look into your eyes. .I get lost in them. Look, my brother, the hearts of the Alps speak their swords, not their tongues. If he loves you. Beer Zamans Cabers Episode 6 with Urdu subtitles, understands things you can’t say. Not things you can say.

brother. Face it Tell him what your heart is saying.

جزاک اللہ بھائی۔ I am God. I must go again. Sister Gonka, may God give you good sleep. -Thanks. What’s wrong with Göktuğ? Disappointed, my Gonka. Inshallah it will be nice. What’s wrong? He’s in love. I thought you were serious. Why would you be disappointed? They will get married and this will happen.4. section

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