Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles By hitflashing

Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles By hitflashing

Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles Your wound is deep, you have to lie down and rest. Let me read it, nurse. – With all of us, brother. I see you are starting to use your hand. I can’t even dig this Will it always stay like this? Hold on, you’ll get it together. Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles What are you sculpting? – I wanted you to keep a souvenir of me. – For me? Let me see. It’s not over yet. let me finish it, and you’ll see it. Okay. I used to sculpt toys like this too when I was at home But the feisty had grown up, he no longer played with it –

Does Hassan have another son No my son

The baby is Hassan’s first child. We haven’t named him yet, they are waiting for us to come back Then this could be for you. They found him in the ambulance tent the day you came. God bless you, nurse. I’ve been looking all over for this. Thank you. Thank you. I’m busy. The medics are waiting in front of the tent.Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles  If you need anything, call on them and they’ll hear you. Nurse Behice… My wife Asmaa before she died She asked us to distribute all her belongings to the poor in the village This is all I kept.

It’s very precious to me. Thank you. Thank you, Muhsin.

They will not leave the river bank empty, Commander There is a hill overlooking the arsenal at the top Right at this point They must have put a machine gun at the mouth of the creek, here – You ordered me, Commander. – Come on, Hassan, come. Commander, the sniper I told you about has arrived. Come closer. Are you good at shooting like your brother? I can’t be like him, Commander. I am not skillful as he is But I am a little adept at using the rifle. All right, all right, all right.

Don’t worry, young man. We also have never seen

Kurtlar vadisi (Vatan) Movie With Urdu Subtitles someone like him anyway. It would be a dream to hope for something like this. Does it hurt when you do this? It is not what it used to be Whatever the bullet of those infidels did. – You will surpass it, no doubt, you will. – God willing. What’s wrong with you, my lion? – You’re weird. – Promise you won’t be mad. The last time I said this was when you went to the river and injured your knee You remember that, don’t you? I shot the infidels sniper a few days ago.Osman Episode 60

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