Mavera Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 19) By Hitflashing


Mavera Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 19)

Mavera Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 19) So I am going to have a child, ha? I’ll give you a child. Thanks to Allah. Thanks to Him. He heard my prayers. He granted me with a child. Malhun Hatun. .you put off the fire in my heart. Did you tell the good news of heaven to my tent and .. Nikola? What can we do with this information? Bala is not able to give him a child.

Osman didn’t want to marry someone else although he knew it.

And it shows us that she is his weakness. But he got over his weakness by marrying Malhun Hatun. I already took action to learn his other weaknesses. Let me introduce you to my spy in Kayi tribe. The door! Zoe. Commander Dukas. My spy in Kayi tribe. So you sneaked in Kayi tribe. You came here with good news after all this time. .right, Zoe? I have important news. Osman Bey’s Hatun, Malhun Hatun. .is pregnant. Zoe. You are close to Malhun Hatun, right? I help her.

Kayi Alps will receive bad news from Kayi tribe.

while our army is killing them. and do what you have to do bring me that good news. Gunduz Bey is coming! Welcome to Kayi land, valiants! Thank you, our Bey! Hay mashaAllah. MashaAllah. MashaAllah. Sheikh Edebali is coming! Sheikh Edebali is coming! Welcome, valiants. Mavera Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 19) Thank you, our Sheikh! My Akca, let’s take them to the soup kitchen. Let’s give them food. Bala Hatun is ready, my Sheikh. Preparations are made, thanks to Allah. Boilers are ready.

We can lead them to there, if you like, my Sheikh.

Welcome. You brought joy. You are always welcome. Hosting you is an honour for us. My Sheikh. Gonca Hatun and Aygul Hatun. We also want to fight. What do you think, Gunduz Bey? Lions are the same, even if it’s a male or a female, my Sheikh. Our ancestor is Oguz Kagan,

we love fighting. I am hungry, uncle. MashaAllah. Come, my valiant. Let’s go! Let’s go! Don’t wait there! Let’s go! The Alps! These are the people of the Kayi tribe. This is the da’wah that we are going to die for! Let’s go! Goktug. No thank you. Goktug. cut it short, brother. Goktug! Come here. Mavra Episode 19 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 19)  Yes, my Bey. What is the thing?


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