Extra Episode 21 with Urdu Subtitles (Bolem 21) Now let’s find a girl who sucks halal milk for you, don’t worry sir, I got it. Got it, got it, sir. Circuit Sir, you’ve found someone who won’t be. Let the big guys quit. Sir, sir. My heart is on the right as this job should be left to adults. Get it out, sir. Sir, you had better not waste your soldiers by training.

Give the guards the strength to fight like humans.

Instead of playing with each other, things will fall on you like a nightmare in a short time. I said, ‘Osman will deceive you. But you didn’t listen to me! You will see the result soon. Your tongue is just as poisonous as your heart. Omar and his Alps are a morning breeze for you. The person I’m thinking of is Usman.

Do you think Omar would dare to make such a raid?

Without asking her while protecting her? Past . Past. He is said to have grown olive branches. I am ready to pay the price if the information I have given is wrong. ok if i’m good tell me what you know Omar learned the spokesperson’s position with you. from Osman. They will come here at the foot of Kelsey Hill. How did you find out? It’s not in Osman’s destiny anymore, but Omer is spying for his children. WHO?

You can’t even guess. Black Shaman Toge,

Dog hunting dog. They hunt you well. Prepare chemo equipment. If Nicola is okay, it’s time to bleed. to hurry! Early! It’s time to bleed! Thunder. Yes sir. Have you dealt with the asylum seeker shortage? We did, sir. We will come under the protection of the Alps. All their needs were met, from where they would live with their belongings.

They look very happy Osman Bey, they will have a house.

They will work and they will live. They also have a right now to be happy. Who knows how much Ares and Yasin suffered. Hello welcome. Come and come, come and go. The unofficial deadline has expired. A new life will begin for you. God willing, I hope so. Thank you Osman. The Alps take it. Where is Sheikh Adabli? Sheham Seth will join us. Dear Osman.Osman Chapter 57

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