Mavera Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles (Episode17 ) By hitflashing

Mavera Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles (Episode17 ) By hitflashing

Mavera Episode 17 With Urdu Subtitles (Episode 17 ) I will never return. At least I protect it here. Go and tell the doctor to come to see what I did with infidelity first Before he quits my services. You have another person to protect from now on. Think about that. Hassan just brought a letter. Your son. He wrote that his uncle’s wife had died. Hassan went to the enemy’s nest I didn’t tell him so that he would not be confused. Where did you say he went? They went a little while ago with commander Adil to the enemy’s nest. Muhsin,

getting out of the enemy’s nest unscathed is a miracle,

you know this well If something happens to Hassan, you are the only person he can hold. Don’t do that. What would my son tell me if he knew that I left his uncle alone at the front? What will my nephew say when he grows up and knows? How can I leave my brother here and go? Either I will send it home safely Or I will fall to the ground where he falls. Do not stop me in vain, Behance There is no other way for this I can’t come back. – Forgive me. – Don’t go. Muhsin,

don’t go. You know that place is hell, don’t go

The air that those, who have not died for the sake of their beloved ones, breath is forbidden Did we not come here to die for the nation? If it takes our death? This is not a place to think about tomorrow. If I don’t do it today, there will never be tomorrow, Behance. In the safety of God. Your gift on the pillow. If I ever came back, I will put it around your neck myself And if I don’t come back,

remember me when you look at it. Remembering is for those who forget, Corporal I won’t forget you. Brother, what are you doing here? When I heard that they had moved supply tents to Anzac Bay.. I thought I’d come to visit. – ..

Here you go, brother. Don’t you dare to die,

my lion? My brother’s here. I won’t die. He’ll protect me. Cherif, come on, my lion. Commander! Hang in there any longer will meet soon, In the safety of God. Episode 15

The commander has been shot. I’m going.

Cover me. – Wait, my lion, wait. – Brother, what are you doing? It’s time to say goodbye. You will not die before hearing your son’s voice Go see your son, Hassan. Your nephew used to be an orphan He will get used from now on

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